Friday 1/22/2016

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Fitness: 8 Rounds
10 Deadlift
10 Jump/Steps over bar
10 Sit Ups

Rx: 10 Rounds
10 Deadlift (205/133)
10 Lateral Bar Hops
10 Weighted Sit-Ups

20+min workout with a really big focus on the midline and dynamic movement at the hip. Adding the lateral component in the jumps breaks up that movement pattern a little which will help a little with recovery after the deadlifts.

Be smart with pacing, don’t go out fast. Find a speed you can maintain and aim to stick with it.

Rx: The limiting movement will probably be the deadlift after a few rounds. The weight is set so that you could most likely get all 10 each round but after 5+ rounds might end up breaking it up due to some metabolic fatigue. Scale accordingly.

The lateral Jumps are done ‘laterally’ over the bar. Two footed takeoff, two footed landing. 10 in a row with a rebound will probably be manageable for the first half of the workout and then, like the deadlifts might need to be broken up in the latter rounds.

We generally don’t do a lot of lateral movement stuff in CrossFit, so 100 in one workout is a fairly large dose for someone with any sort of “issues.” Please scale as needed here.

The weight isn’t set for the weighted sit-ups, but as a reference point you could use around a 10-25lb ladies, and 25-45lb, fellas. DB held at your chest. Or 20/14lb MB. Feel free to anchor feet in two DB’s.

Fitness: Ideally use a weight for the deadlifts that you are able to perform all 10 in a row each round. 80 total reps is a big dose for new people, we will scale down accordingly..

Instead of lateral jumps, either perform forward two footed/single footed jumps or step over the bars.

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