Friday 10/7/2016


That look you give your coach during DB Thrusters!

No 5 or 6:30pm class FRIDAY NIGHT, 10/7.

Call me soft, call me whatever you want, but there are no classes going to be held at the box tomorrow after the 12pm noon class. So, our schedule for Friday, 10/7 is as follows,

6am – CrossFit
7am – CrossFit
9am – CrossFit
10-12pm – Open Gym
12pm – CrossFit

The schedule Saturday is as follows as well,

8am – CrossFit
9am – CrossFit

Olympic Weightlifting clinic from 10-1:30 for those that signed up.

See you all at the box!


Core Circuit
3-4 Rounds
20 WTD Sit Ups or GHD
20 Floor Wipers
20 Back Ext.


10x 200m Row

rest 1 min between