Friday 10/16/2015

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dont be a sheep

So today I went to my local coffee spot to get my usual afternoon cup of java. Today I decided to see if they would make me the concoction that Alexis showed me last week: a coffee blended with a banana. Yes, exactly what it sounds like, a coffee (I prefer hot) then mixed in a blender with a banana. A half banana seems to be the perfect flavor. This combination produces this frothy coffee-smoothie “treat.” Look, I realize it’s not a moca-frapacino-carmel-latte, but it’s better than just plain old black.

I then heard one of the girls behind the counter (who obviously didn’t know I was listening) say, in a very perplexed manner, “who would mix those two things together?”

I heard this, thought about saying something, then realized it was better to let the 18 year olds have it out on their own. But this question she posed really raised my eyebrows. I cannot wrap my brain around how someone would question me putting a banana (yes, a banana from the earth) into a black coffee (also from mother earth) but yet wouldn’t think twice about pumping 5+ shots of some sort of caramel syrup derived from, let’s be honest, petroleum based products, high fructose corn syrups, and chemically derived flavors. Yet, I’m the weird one?

I just wish people would open their minds and seriously ask WHY you believe some of the things you believe.

There was a time in this world where people thought the earth was flat. They believed that if you drove your ship over the edge, you would fall of the earth. We can see today how ridiculous that is. I don’t want to be a part of a human race that is so ignorant that we completely neglect and ignore facts that are right in our face at the mercy of stuffing our face.

Don’t be a sheep.


SWOD: Deadlift (5×1 @ 95%)
WOD: For time,
50 Wall Balls
40 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
20 Bar Muscle Ups

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