FRIDAY 082616


FRIDAY 082616
We have a few schedule change reminders:
  1. On Labor Day, Sept. 5, we will have a 9am class only.
  2. Starting the week of Sept 5th, we will no longer be offering the 5am class

  3. Starting Monday, Sept 5th, our Kids Program will also be changing. The program will be broken up into 2 age divisions: Ages 5-9 & 10-12 with different times and days will be different for each group. Age 5-9 kids will meet Tuesday & Thursday from 4:00-4:45pm (**please note the earlier time).  Age 10-12 kids will meet Monday & Wednesday from 4:30-5:30pm. Any teen currently 13 and up will be put into our normal CrossFit class. Please see Aaron for any questions or concerns!

16min EMOM:
A) Overhead Squat x 5-6
B) x6-8 ham curl on MB
 C) Plank
D) x15 prone leg lifts
Every 2min for 16min: Hang Snatch x 1-1-1


FIT: 7min AMRAP:
– 14 alt. DB snatch
– 14 toes to bar
Rx: 7min AMRAP:
– 14 hang power snatch (95/63)
– 14 toes to bar
SE: 7min AMRAP:
– 14 hang power snatch (135/93)
– 14 toes to bar