Big Norm



Last week I lost a personal friend that I’ve known for 20 years. We played football together in high school, were captains on the team together, and had fun getting recruited our entire senior year together and all that entailed. This man’s name was Norm Lewis. Many of you have probably seen the news over the past week and read many stories about him. If you haven’t, I ask you to simply Google his name, and go ahead and find out for yourself what an amazing individual this man was. Norm was honestly the nicest person you could have ever met. He had a smile that was so big, a heart that was even bigger, and all that on 6’5″, 300lb frame. He was a true gentle giant. After graduating from UCF in Orlando, he immediately joined the police department. About six years ago he was assigned to the motorcycle unit and absolutely loved it. He really enjoyed his job and left an imprint with anyone that ever met him.

Next Saturday (1/28 @ 9am) we will be doing a hero workout in his honor. This workout, though at our gym, will NOT be merely for CrossFitters. I have designed the workout to be done by anyone that wants to come out and support. It will be a partner workout and afterwards we will be hanging out, hosting a pot-luck (so bring something to eat/drink) celebration of his life. We’ve done plenty of crying, and Norm would be sick of that by now. I want to tell stories, honor my big friend, and show some love for the big guy!

I would love for everyone to come out, our gym, other gyms, friends and family from Port Charlotte, Orlando, etc.

I have created a Facebook event and you can RSVP here, though it’s not required. I just want to get any idea of who will be coming.

Big Norm Life Celebration Event

4min AMRAP
10 Pull Ups
Rest 2min
4min AMRAP
10 Burpees
2 Rope Climbs