You talked me into it…night classes and 12/24 Xmas eve WOD!



So, after my post last night, it was made very clear to me that you guys want the 12 Days of Christmas WOD on 12/24. Sooooo, next Saturday, we will have an 8am only workout, this will be the only class that day and the workout generally takes the entire hour! This Saturday, we will have classes as normal. It was also brought to my attention that you guys wanted a nighttime class before the break!! Sooo, here’s the newest 2.0 version of the schedule:

12/19-12/22 – Normal Schedule
12/23 (Friday) – 6am/9am/5:30pm
12/24 (Saturday) – 8am ONLY
12/25 CLOSED
12/26 (Monday) – 9am CrossFit/5:30pm Metcon

12/27-12/29 – Normal classes, NO SCAPS & ABS

12/30 (Friday) – 6am/9am/5:30pm
12/31 (Saturday) – 9am ONLY


Power Clean + Hang Power Clean
Perform one power clean from the floor, then one rep from the hang position. Each time catching above a squat.
12min AMRAP
100m Run
4 Power Clean (135/95)
4 Hang Power Clean