Weight Lifting



A Month

CrossFit – Classes run for one hour. Class includes warm up, movement prep, strength or skill of the day, and then the workout of the day, or WOD. The classes are virtually group-personal training. We are coaching, teaching, and instructing you the entire class. We have three skill levels; Fitness, Rx, and Scaled Elite. These levels enable our CrossFit classes to accommodate those looking to get in a good sweat, as well as those wanting to turn up the heat a bit more.

Our CrossFit classes can be attended by anyone who is currently doing CrossFit; at our gym, another local gym, or at a gym elsewhere. If you are not a member, you will be subject to our Drop-In policy. If you are a member, you are able to come to these classes once you have completed our Elements Program. These classes are not to be casually dropped in on, please notify LWR staff ahead of time. We recommend coming to classes 3 days per week for the first 30-90 days. Then, 3-5 days/week and resting when you feel you need it.