Coaches-AlexisWeedo-CFLWRAlexis – Alexis becoming a CrossFit coach and gym owner should come as no surprise—she has an extensive strength and conditioning background, having worked in many different areas of the industry and with a varied demographic. Born in Torrance, California, near Los Angeles, her family soon moved to Indiatlantic, located on Florida’s east coast. Her intensity with athletics started early, a competitive gymnast at age seven. Practice routinely lasted three to four hours, often every day of the week. Because of the sport’s all-consuming nature at the highest youth levels, Alexis had to decide at thirteen whether to home school and continue with gymnastics—the typical path young gymnasts take—or try for a more normal life and attend public high school.

She chose the latter, and by her junior year had moved two hours down the coast to Jupiter. With that came a significant change in culture, which she struggled with, so she focused on her studies and earned an academic scholarship to the Harriet Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University. Close with her family, especially her mother, she was thrilled to be able to stay near home and still attend a great college.

In the classroom at FAU, Alexis studied psychology, but it was outside of it that she found herself immersed in the world of sports sciences, concentrating on strength training and conditioning, as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation. Her part-time job at Ultimate Speed, an elite training facility specializing in speed and agility, really planted the seed of interest in training athletes as a career. She worked with top high school, college, and professional athletes playing many different sports, including members of the St. Louis Cardinals and their farm team and also those preparing for the most crucial tests of their lives at the NFL Combine. These hands on experiences greatly contributed to her decision to pursue a Personal Training certification.

Alexis began working on obtaining her NSCA certification during her fifth year at FAU, right around when she first heard of CrossFit. It wasn’t until she took the time to really understand what CrossFit was all about did she get the sense that it might be something she would enjoy and could also excel at. By 2009 she had earned her NSCA Personal Training certification, as well as her CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Mobility certifications, but decided she needed to further improve her credentials. She wanted to be a more well-rounded coach, one just as comfortable training the world’s best athletes as someone with no exercise experience whatsoever. She also wished to expand the demographic she was qualified to work with, and so found employment at a facility specializing in physical therapy.

After a brief stint at Lifestyles as a personal trainer, Alexis and Aaron (a fellow trainer whom she met at Lifestyles and would later marry) left to join their friend Matt ____’s staff at CrossFit Sarasota. Alexis coached there two times a week while also working at Coastal Orthopedics as a physical therapist. She continued at Coastal even when she and Aaron opened their gym on Lena Road, not coaching CrossFit full-time until she felt truly prepared to give her students everything they would need to reach their potential.

Alexis has competed well in CrossFit events against women who have gone on to Regionals and the actual CrossFit Games, finishing fourth several times. She enjoys the constant mental and physical challenge that comes with improvement in CrossFit, and how technique plays such a large role, similar to the preciseness required with physical therapy. As for coaching, Alexis relishes her students’ breakthrough moments, whether it be a PR or just a better understanding of how to perform a certain move. Seeing a student increase mobility, strength, and general welfare, and being the one to help them do it, is why she became co-owner of CrossFit Lakewood Ranch in 2011.

Alexis, having already implemented many of the daily and weekly programs offered at CrossFit Lakewood Ranch, will continue to push to make it appealing to an increasingly wider range of people, from elite athletes looking to do sport specific training, those just wanting to stay in shape, and also to those who never before had the chance to learn what fitness and exercise is all about.

Nutrition is of utmost importance to Alexis, and if there is one piece of nutrition advice she believes everyone should start with it would be, “Eat real food.” She spearheaded CrossFit Lakewood Ranch’s nutrition initiative, which includes weekly classes, meal planning, and general advice on how to be healthier and feel better. Her hope is to continue providing members with more resources and opportunities that will help them gain a better understanding of nutrition and how to implement positive changes to their diet and overall levels of fitness and health.